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Implant Seminar at Smile Designs with “One Free Implant” details below.

Published on 01/19/2015. Dentistry
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                                                                        Implant Seminar What You Need to Know About Implants March 26th 5:30 to 6:30pm  Host: Dr. Charlotte Gerry Location: Smile … Read more »

Mercury Poisoning the truth about silver fillings.

Published on 01/14/2014. Dentistry

Mercury Poisoning The Truth About Silver Fillings It’s no secret that mercury poisoning is very dangerous to your health and leads to death. For years, the ADA (American Dental Association) has declared that the mercury in the silver or blackish colored amalgam fillings in your mouth doesn’t pose a health risk. The ADA adheres to … Read more »

Six Month Smile Super Event.

Published on 01/06/2014. Dentistry

Have you heard about the new Six Month Smile? Would you like straight teeth in Six Months? Do you love special? Then we have an event for you! Join us for our Six Month Smile Super Event. Saturday January the 25th, 2014 9am to 12pm   call 907-725-4444 for details. 6 Month Smile for those who … Read more »

What a great Testimony from our $500 Live Oak winner, congratulations!

Published on 01/29/2013. Testimony

I came to know the LORD in the summer of 1997, right before entering into High School. A few months later my best friend encouraged me to listen to Christian radio to help my walk with Jesus. My mom and I would listen to 88.1 The River of Life in Jacksonville, on the way to … Read more »

New 28 minute in office whitening!

Published on 10/09/2012. Dentistry

Here’s a quick post about a great new product. Smile Designs is proud to introduce our new 28 minute in-office whitening. This new process is quick and gives great results. We are now offering this great new product for only $60 that is 1/2 off our regular price. Call Smile Designs today to take advantage … Read more »

What are your expectations, we really need to know!

Published on 01/11/2012. Dentistry

Dentists can do some pretty remarkable things–they can straighten smiles, treat gum disease, and restore missing teeth. However, your dentist is not a mind reader. If you don’t communicate with your dentist to let them know what you hope to achieve from your appointments, there is no real way for them to know. Instead, without … Read more »

Help I can’t go to the Dentist because I don’t have Insurance.

Published on 10/26/2011. Insurance

Help I can’t go to the Dentist because I don’t have Insurance. Many people delay important dental care because they don’t have dental insurance. Somewhere in life they have been taught that if you don’t have insurance you can’t afford dental care and are doomed to suffer a life of pain, agony, and ugly unattractive … Read more »

Have Dentist come up with a Whitening System that really works?

Published on 02/18/2011. Dentistry

KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching system Have dentist finally come up with a bleaching solution that will guarantee Hollywood white teeth? Yes they have! It’s called KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching system. It was invented by Dr. Rod Kruthy and has been tested for a decade with amazing results. His system has proven that you can have … Read more »

All Dentists Are NOT The Same

Published on 10/27/2010. Dentistry

I think it is important to know what procedures you want to have done, and what your options are. For example, Betsy W… is a local resident who came in and wanted 6 veneers put in, that would have cost her thousands easily, but all she needed was to have her teeth whitened to get … Read more »

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